Renona is a mission-focused Service-Disabled Veteran dedicated to understanding the needs of her customers and how to exceed expectations in solving their most complex problems. Her many years of experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities enabled her to experience firsthand how to market and meet the needs of clients. Renona served 24 years in the United States Army and then went on to work for the federal government with the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In addition, she holds a BS in Management Information Systems and a Master’s in Organizational Management.

Renona’s expansive swath of experience, in addition to maintaining an aura of influence and a number of credentials make HuRMAR solutions an attractive option for clients looking to build strategic business alliances to engage in collaborative projects. With a proven track record of building collaborative, stakeholder-driven solutions that employ innovations and create efficiencies resulting in process improvements and cost savings HuRMAR Solutions has positioned itself to have the highest potential among HR start-ups.

With a sincere passion for coaching and mentoring, Renona and her firm are dedicated to helping clients recognize their capabilities and opportunities. By employing an entrepreneurial philosophy, HuRMAR Solutions is on an endless journey to create opportunities for people and provide innovative solutions that help businesses reach long term, sustainable success. 

By assembling a consortium of committed professionals, HuRMAR Solutions will leverage the fact that we are an attractive competitive start-up company that is open to teaming up with partners for joint business ventures. From Renona’s exemplary leadership qualities, right down through to our talented consultants, HuRMAR Solutions is among the top start-ups within the field of Human Resources on the East Coast. Renona’s experiences is what feeds our desire to teach effective leadership development strategies and develop effective and innovative employee training programs.

Human Resources Management Administration Resource (HuRMAR) Solutions is a prime Human Resource outsourcing firm. At HuRMAR, you will get nothing short of quality, Human Resource solutions geared towards ensuring your business remains successful throughout the short term and the long term. Sustainable success is essential to what we do.

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Our Mission

Our vision

Our Values

At HuRMAR Solutions, it’s our mission to serve clients’ best interests. By embracing the stated goals of our clients, we ensure our productive consultants deliver results through effective and efficient human resource solutions.

Our vision is to create opportunities for our clients and to provide innovative human resource solutions for businesses.

HuRMAR Solutions is comprised of a team of leaders and visionaries who firmly believe in the phrase, “Nothing is beyond your reach.” We are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering on promises accurately and efficiently. We maintain a high level of integrity and our consultants are among the most talented in the industry.