At HuRMAR Solutions, our business is your solution.

Welcome to Human Resources Management Administration Resource (HuRMAR) Solutions. We are an HR start-up firm with WOSB (Woman-Owned Small Business) and SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) credentials. Together with our partners, we work to serve the federal marketplace. As an attractive and competitive start-up company, we are always open to teaming up with new partners to build joint ventures.

We are an emerging HR start-up firm based in between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC. Our prime location allows us to serve the federal marketplace in varying capacity. Our firm offers HR support, human resource management, team building, leadership development, consultancy, advising, and mentoring, among other services as well.

We like to present ourselves as the ideal Human Resource outsourcing firm within the federal marketplace. Collectively, our team has over 35 years worth of knowledge, experience, and skills within the armed services and the federal government. With HuRMAR Solutions, our clients will get dedication, professionalism, and effective results. Remember, our business is your solution.


Who We Are

HuRMAR was founded in 2017 by Renona Riddle Brown (RRB), CEO and Founder. With nearly four decades worth of experience, Renona has developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in Human Resources, career counseling, leadership development, employee training, performance management systems, and the advancement of lifelong learning through curriculum development.

What We Do

As a firm driven by innovative solutions and effective results, HuRMAR Solutions employs only seasoned professionals within the Human Resources industry. We provide strategic Human Resources management, Human Resources support, and Human Resources consulting services to clients within the federal marketplace and the private sector.

Why Choose Us

Each and every day, businesses are faced with difficult tasks and challenges. One of the most common tasks businesses face is fostering effective employee management. Without an effective Human Resources strategy, employees can feel disengaged, disjointed, and dissatisfied within their work environment. For businesses, this type of employee mindset can be detrimental. Believe it or not, this is more common than one may think.